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Posted by : cahpurworejo asli 08 Februari 2010

Purworejo is one part of the Indonesia Java International Destination because Purworejo has contributed to the formation history of Javanese culture and Purworejo has a unique tourist attractions and interesting but about the cultural and heritage tourism in Purworejo currently managed by local governments are still not optimally.
As an example of Seplawan Cave tourism in the Kaligesing District, is a very deep caves and mountains in the cool and interesting that is in the border province of Yogyakarta, but due to lack of roads to bring tourists to this place is not good and steep.
Some young couples have come here only for dating purposes as a possible place for this activity but it brings less revenue because some young couples do not go to locations around the cave but the cave that is beautiful and interesting natural
Purworejo is an old city that was founded in 1901, when it was still in power Purworejo Dutch with the government at that time shaped Purworejo district.
The first Regent of the grave was named Tjokronegoro currently located in the Bulus village and were fleeced pilgrims visited. As the old town of course many stories and interesting historical remains here. Bedug Pendowo like a muslim drum believed to be the biggest in the world because it is made from an oak tree planted in the Pendowo.

Many old buildings that stood in the town of Purworejo that still stands strong and can be used to this.
As an example of the Great Mosque Purworejo or Protestant churches are still used for worship until the current.

Purworejo square is a field that includes the largest area, about almost 6 hectares, at night around the square was crowded because the square was surrounded by main roads, so many buses and the travelers who stopped here on purpose just to sit in Gasebo enjoy a green field and can enjoy a variety of foods sold in around the square Purworejo, this crowd when on holiday can until morning. As the days passed into morning, the crowd turned into a sports crowd, here is also good for jogging and fitness exercises in coordination body by the local police.

There are special foods that Purworejo city missionary named Gebleg, foods made from cassava flour is rounded like a donut but it was tasty, then fried in coconut oil, when cooked and served with a sauce made from chili peppers and beans, a savory taste spicy mix , very good on the tongue and addictive.
Another typical food is Lompong Cake made from sticky rice flour colored with charcoal so that this cake is black but because the sweet taste of the cake with a sugar content of java mixed with nuts or filled with green beans.

Tourist places in Purworejo than cave was told in the beginning, there were some interesting sights to visit, some places already described in this blog and with pictures, so this article does not need to be drawing again, just enough to be linked to related posts.

Purworejo have waterfall three places, the first in the northern mountainous region bordering Wonosobo regency exactly in the District Bruno named Curug Muncar, this waterfall has a height of about 100 m, to go to this place from the highway to walk for 1 hour.
The second waterfall is located in the District Kaligesing that is named Curug Sumongari, third is a waterfall in the Benowo village District Loano, waterfall that is very difficult to reach the place because the area is very high and steep road that began denagn damaged, very unfortunate!

Not only mountains, Purworejo also has a beach on the southern border with Australia: Ketawang Beach, Keburuhan Beach and Jatimalang Beach. On the Ketawang Beach there are sand mining  the amount of iron is very rare in this world, during Idul Fitri and holiday this beach a lot of domestic tourists visited, while at the Jatimalang Beach was originally  fish auction, now transformed into a stage and karaoke entertainment.

Actually there are many tourist attractions and historical places are good to visit, but they need investors to build this place so famous that bring in more foreign exchange, thus improving the economy Purworejo population.

With many tourist attractions and places of cultural history of Java is worth Purworejo referred to as Indonesia Java International Destination

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  1. purworejo, i ever visit alun2 purworejo, small city but peace live on there.


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